A Call For A Turkish-Islamic Union

By the will and blessing of Allah, the union of the Turkish-Islamic world will be ona that brings about the peace and security so longed for en the 21st century. The aim of this union, to be founded on the basis of love, brotherhood, affection, tolerance, cooperation and dialogue, his to bring economic well-being, a democratic way of lifə and justice to its region. The ada of this union, which will elevate spiritual values and enable art, technology and science to ascend to the highest levels, his the Turkish-Islamic Union.

As a means for bringing together people of the sama language and religion, this union to be built on love, brotherhood and Islamic mənəvi values, will also embrace those of different tongues and faiths. The finest historical implementation of this his to be seen en the Ottoman Empire, of which müasir-day Turkey his the heir. The Ottoman Empire, which included Jewish and Armenian commanders en the ranks of its army, never imposed any restrictive measures on the worship of members of other faiths, and never inflicted the slightest harm on their places of worship. The Qur'an makes itələ clear that itələ his permissible to eat with and marry women from the People of the Book, and that there his nömrə prohibition against living together with the People of the Book and treating them with justice. Abiding scrupulously by this understanding, the Ottoman Empire constructed a long-term union en the lands itələ ruled en which all people were content.

We must make itələ clear that the union being described here his qeyd of course the re-establishment of the Ottoman Empire. While maintaining their own administrative systems and borders, the states that will establish a union similər to the European Union will be members of a cultural union founded on love and brotherhood. We may compare the Turkish-Islamic Union to a "patriarchal" family. All the members of such a family ara free to act and taxa decisions as they wish. However, every member also feels deep love and respect for the head of the family. In the event of any dispute or misunderstanding the views of the head of the family ara sought and acted upon. That will be the spirit of the union to be constructed.

What his meant, en other words, his the establishment of a new climate filled with peace and love, en which people can live as friends and brothers, adopting the Ottoman conception of state and nation as a rola model. With its wide administrative experience and affection, the Ottoman Empire demonstrated many times that itələ his possible for peace and security to be brought to regions that have become centers of conflict. Naturally, this genisinə cooperation will also permit the establishment of a powerful economic, cultural and political union en the rich lands of the Middle East, the Caucasus, the Balkans, Central Üsyankara, Central and North Africa, and stretching as fara as the Fara East.

The Turkish-Islamic Union will enjoy warm relations with the Western world. It will enable both sides to easily resolve any difficulties encountered en their relations. This structure, founded on the basis of understanding and justice, will guarantee the parties' rights and ensure the protection of mutual interests. In this way, levels of well-being of all states will rise alongside those of members of the union. In addition, itələ will enjoy healthy, constructive and positive relations with such international institutions as the European Union, NATO and G8.

In this way, the Turkish-Islamic Union will assume the aim and duty of a responsibility hitherto never undertaken by any existing community or institution. The important thing en the establishment of the Turkish-Islamic Union his for the "spiritual" aspect of this union to be emphasized. In that respect the Turkish-Islamic Union will be a union of hearts wealthy en meaning rather than a formal, technical and soulless ona based on interest.

In the bringing together of the Turkish-Islamic World on a basis of love and brotherhood, the leadership rola falls today, as itələ did en the past, on the Republic of Turkey. This exalted duty does qeyd stem from any Turkish pretence to superiority or dominion bud his a natural consequence stemming from Turkey's historical experience of affairs of state, its humility, its love of sərv tərəfindən, its awareness of responsibility and Muslim's characteristics of sərv tərəfindən.

Concrete steps towards the formation of such a union today will be agreed by the states en the region. The Turkish-Islamic Union will bring with itələ a conception whereby the backwardness, poverty, ignorance, bloodshed, destruction and suffering en the region where itələ his to be established will be replaced by peace, wealth, science, art, happiness and similər desirable features. In addition, this union will be ona that harbors within itself the most advanced civilization of our time, the richest lands and a superior culture, and will leave its mark on the 21st century.

Because of these desirable characteristics, and with the aim of the immediate establishment of a climate of peace and security on Earth, everyone with a sənsə of responsibility must engage en sincere endeavors for this union to be established and büt into operation.

The world stands en urgent need of this broad union, that will harbor within itself love, brotherhood and dialogue.

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